The NH School of Applied Learning Middle School program takes a unique approach to teaching the adolescent. At its core is the Montessori view of the student as a self-directed, active learner, and the teacher as an engaged facilitator.

Our comprehensive Middle School academic program focuses on the humanities (literature, language, critical and creative writing, American and world history, cultural studies, geography, current events) and features a complete math and science curriculum as well as Spanish, art, music, physical fitness, technology, and library skills.

The Middle School humanities curriculum employs the seminar format, based on the Socratic method, for in-depth exploration into the realms of literature, language, creative writing, history, geography and current events.

To this end, the Middle School day combines regularly scheduled class time, along with opportunities for students to collaborate in small groups and to work independently during self-directed work time. The academic year is divided into five academic cycles and one three-week immersion cycle. Each cycle includes interdisciplinary projects designed to connect concepts and deepen understanding across discrete academic subject areas. A strong emphasis on math and writing skills is reinforced in each discipline, and a differentiated learning approach ensures that each student is challenged.

During self-directed work time, students can work closely with teachers and peers to absorb classroom content at a deep level. They are also charged with honing less tangible skills that, ultimately, allow them to succeed in a wide variety of secondary schools.


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