Experiential Learning

Middle School Committees
Presently we are planning for four active committees at NHSAL middle school that students participate in and operate throughout the year. Any money raised through activities associated with these efforts is used to fund community service, experiential learning, and an eighth grade class gift.

Pizza Business
Students in middle school operate a pizza business serving the SNHEC school community. This business is integrated into the math and life skills curricula as students learn about taking orders and making change as well as the accounting, inventory, budgeting, and management skills required to operate a successful business.

Events Planning
Students in this committee take the lead in planning the school-wide or middle school specific events that happen throughout the year. These events include, among others, International Peace Day, Stories for a Cause, Holiday Celebration, Middle School Mixer, Winter Thaw, and the coffee houses. Members of this committee work on expanding creativity, graphic design, time management, leadership and managing group dynamics in a work process.

Green Committee
Students in this work group take the lead in creating and running environmental activities such as school-wide recycling, the design and care of an organic garden, and the creation of an environmental learning program that can be shared with students and parents in the broader SNHEC School community.

Communications Committee
The communications committee is tasked with creating and coordinating various forms of intraschool communication including articles, event advertisements, photo slide shows and movies. In addition, this committee creates and maintains a middle school database to manage the active learning business fund.

Babysitting/CPR and First Aid Certification
In alternating years, middle school students will participate in both babysitting certification and CPR/First Aid certification programs. Recognizing that young adolescents are routinely sought out as babysitters the Safe Sitter® targets 11- to 13-year-olds who are ready to take on the responsibility of babysitting. The course content and teaching techniques are designed to teach adolescents how to keep themselves and those in their care safe. Topics include starting a babysitting business, child development and behaviors, first aid and CPR. Includes handbook, backpack, and completion card.

Experiential Learning, OFF-SITE

Ropes Course/Sojourn Adventures, Hudson NH
Early in the school year, middle school students partake in a day of both physical and mental challenge, with the primary intention to build community among middle school classmates.

The activity is geared towards breaking down barriers between students, helping them to learn cooperation and the importance of relying upon one another. Using experiential learning, students experience healthy discussion on topics such as effective communication, trust, leadership, and being accountable to others.

With dozens of team obstacles and over 20 high adventure activities, Sojourn provides the perfect opportunity for middle schoolers to challenge themselves and push beyond personal comfort zones. Our skilled facilitators can help guide students to identify personal barriers and set goals to stretch themselves further than they imagined in an environment that is both physically and emotionally safe.

Ski/Snowboarding, Crotched Mountain Ski Resort, Bennington NH
From early January through February, NHSAL middle school students participate in a learn to ski/snowboard program where they receive by skill level based guided instruction by ski resort personnel and practice these skills with their classmates to round out the day. This activity, treasured by upper elementary students, as well, takes advantage of the magnificence of New Hampshire winters and gorgeous terrain, the challenges of learning a new sport/physical activity and honing the skills, and employing life skills while experiencing greater realms of independence.

Outdoor Education
Students learn to work on and with the land. Students have the opportunity to spend time at the Outdoor Education Centers (Nature’s Classroom, Morse Hill, NH Outdoor Education Center), including a one-week adventure trip. Additionally, at the school location, students plant a garden, recycle, and do various horticultural projects.

In May there is an adventure trip to continue study of one of the curriculum areas more in-depth.

Internships/Project Weeks
Eighth grade students have the opportunity to experience an internship during the year. Traditionally, internships last at least 25 hours during a four to five day period. The first internship week is in October/November, and the second internship week is scheduled in April/May.

During the fall internship week, sixth and seventh grade students stay on campus and participate in project week. This gives them the opportunity to explore different potential interests, while at the same time allowing them to learn more about the process of writing a resume and cover letter and securing an internship for the future internship opportunities.

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