The Middle School humanities curriculum employs the seminar format, based on the Socratic method, for in-depth exploration into the realms of literature, language, creative writing, history, geography and current events.

The history curriculum cycles between modern American history and world history. This year we will be studying post-World War II American history, covering the period from 1945–present. Along with analyzing the events of these times, we will be exploring:
• the role media has played in shaping events, and our understanding of them
• the changes that have occurred and continue to occur around the role and structure of the family
• the rights and responsibilities of the citizen in a democracy
• current events, especially as it pertains to the presidential campaigns.

History class formally meets twice per week and is often the topic of small group discussions during independent time. We plan to use a textbook, The History of Us by Joy Hakim, supplemented with primary documents and other appropriate reference materials.

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