Life Skills

Dr. Montessori recognized adolescence to be an age of great social development, an age of critical thinking and re-evaluation, and a period of self-concern and self-assessment. Personal reflection, goal setting, and journaling are integral parts of our life skills curriculum.

The NHSAL life skills curriculum follows a two-year rotation. This year, to integrate with our discussions of American history, we will explore as our central theme the rights and responsibilities of an individual in a society. We will be reading the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey and doing group and individual work in the accompanying workbook on a regular basis throughout the year.

Our exploration of the individual’s relationship to society will also be further explored as the students construct and run their class government, create and assign classroom responsibilities, manage the middle school pizza business, volunteer time outside of the school day in the active learning business fund, and assume leadership roles within the broader Southern NH Education Campus community.


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