The central goals of the mathematics program are to introduce the students to the power of mathematical abstraction and to provide opportunities for them to develop their skills in solving real world problems through the creation and use of mathematical models. Many of the concepts that we will develop will arise out of their work in science, and others will arise in response to problems in other arenas. In all cases, however, mathematical abstractions will follow concrete experiences.

Algebra and Geometry
Elementary algebra and geometry are studied over the course of three years, topics of study include:
• number theory,
• the distributive property,
• elementary techniques of solving equations,
• solution of word problems,
• graphing techniques, and
• an introduction to linear functions.
• the quadratic,
• exponential, and
• rational and square root functions.

The depth of each child’s investigation of these functions will depend upon his/her interest in and facility for grasping mathematical ideas but, after a function has been introduced, it will be developed and extended throughout the year.

Graphing is a tool central to daily work; it creates opportunities for students to investigate relationships in order to discover patterns that would otherwise escape all but the most insightful students.


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