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Colonial Town


Building off their studies of colonial times, as a class, the students were tasked with brainstorming what would be essential to have in a colonial village and what type of landscape would be an ideal setting for their town. It began with a discussion of the landscape (it needed water access, field space for farming, and a forest/orchard) and then evolved into the essential parts of the town (docks for the water, a school, a market, a farm, the town hall, and villagers). The group then broke up into teams to create the individual elements of the town. We reused Styrofoam packing trays and turned them into stamps we could use to print the town elements. The team made the background, the frame, and all the parts. Slideshow

Limited Edition


We created a limited edition of artist prints using reused Styrofoam packing trays. They were encouraged to think of them as postcards that could be given as gifts. The students created their own designs and we used paint as the printing ink. The prints where the image came through properly were then numbered as an artist would, 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, etc. based on the number of completed prints the student had. Slideshow

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