Movement Arts

The ultimate goal of the NH School of Applied Learning movement arts program is to assist all children along the path to lifetime physical fitness, which aligns with our holistic mission. The benefits of this journey are many: health, longevity, positive body image, improved overall selfesteem, and increased energy and concentration in all areas. All students from toddler to middle school participate regularly in movement arts classes and activities.

Movement arts at NHSAL embraces the philosophy of the school as a whole. The program, at each level, is responsive to the needs and interests of the children, and the ultimate goal is the joyful discovery of movement and its benefits, both physical and psychological.

NHSAL movement arts seeks to benefit ALL children, not just those with particular interest or talent in this area. Volumes have been written about the connection between body image and overall self-esteem, as well as the dangers of introducing children to competitive sports at an early age. Care is taken to keep the emphasis on fitness and fun, as opposed to individual superiority of skills.

Middle School
• Strength conditioning, increased endurance and flexibility
• Relaxation techniques and stress management through movement
• In-depth movement analysis
• Creative self-expression and positive self-image through dance and movement appreciation
• Advanced movement and manipulative skills through games and sports activities

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