Physical Education and Health

Physical Education
All NHSAL physical education curriculum units include stretching, running, basic movements, and games. Students participate in skill building games focusing on developing team building, learning individual strengths and areas for development, self-discipline, coordination, balance, endurance, sportsmanship, overall fitness and skill building for specific sports.

Students are introduced to a variety of games and exercise, throwing and catching, relay races, obstacle courses, and drills. They also learn the fundamentals of soccer, basketball, and flag football. as well as the opportunity to reinforce ski or snowboard skills and swimming.

Health is the study of issues pertinent to the needs of early adolescents. This program has several purposes. One is to provide information about the transition from childhood to adolescence and the journey to adulthood. Another is to provide links between generations to help young people make the journey safely. A third is to create challenging and meaningful experiences, similar to those in the initiation or rites of passage ceremonies. Students explore topics such as belonging, friendships, adolescent development, stress management, selfesteem, peer pressure, drug education, sexuality, nutrition, and balanced-living. There is a time each day in which students spend in personal reflection for development of their intrapersonal skills.

Drug and Sexuality Education
Drug and sexuality education is an important part of the Middle School program. The significant factors in helping students make good choices for themselves are: decision-making strategies, goal setting and planning, constructive ways of having fun, stress management, good peer relations, self confidence, responsibility for their behavior, respect for others, and the deference of immediate desires. These elements are on-going skills and activities in the classroom. In addition, the health curriculum focuses on information in sexuality and drug education in workshops with experts.

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